Mini Driftwood Feather Wand Cat Toy / Pinks and Reds
$ 17.00

We're so excited to share our first collection of magical sun bleached Northwest coastal driftwood feather wands!

Made from hand collected driftwood and cruelty free feathers in a combo of sunny pinks, reds and oranges.

The feathers for our mini driftwood wands were sourced from both a rooster refuge and a maker of artisan fly ties who had been collecting and hand dying molted feathers from his own flock for a number of years. 

Mini driftwood wands are approximately 5"-7" with feathers ranging from 3"-8" and are made of all natural materials so sizes and appearances may vary slightly!

Please note: All Miaou & Co. products are designed for supervised and interactive play. Always store out of reach when not in use and discard when worn. Not suitable for children or dogs. Thank you!